About Us

Family matters and here is our story.

Raybob Packaging Inc.


About us: 3 Generations ago our company started with our Grandfather Warren Klotz, an innovator who started custom EPS packaging in the basement of his home in Philadelphia. Using self designed techniques he was able to style packing for even the most delicate of items like figurines and microscopes that ensured a safe arrival of fragile items. His same ideas are still in use today which gives Raybob Packaging an edge that large companies cannot compete with.

When Warren retired, two of his sons kept the company going and since 1963 have been located in Tullytown Pennsylvania.

When the brothers retired, their children Kathy and Ken Evans bought the company and operate it with their families! Even the cousins would come help in the summers when school was out and we all have fun memories of time spent at “Pop Pop’s company”.

One of the cousins, Sandra Levin used his technique to create a large logo for her roller rink north of Chicago, the largest roller rink in the Midwest in 1992 and when the rink closed in 2018, part of the logo was gifted to another rink in Dayton Ohio where it hangs on their wall today.

Community Work

Pennsbury High School is renowned for their proms kept on site and helped by Raybob Packaging who works with the art department designing props for the prom from EPS foam!

Every year is a different theme and we are proud to help the seniors at Pennsbury High School celebrate this big moment in their lives.

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orbit skate center logo
yellow submarine designed in EPS foam