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EPS is a lightweight, cost efficient, easy solution to your packaging needs. We offer a wide variety of EPS products. Click on any of the images to the right for in-depth packaging information.

Raybob Packaging, Inc. is a fabricated EPS packaging company. Fabricated parts are custom-designed products with very little tooling required. Fabricated packaging is extremely useful when a uniquely shaped product needs to be protected. Because we are a fabricated EPS packaging company, we can offer competitive pricing combined with a quick turnaround time.

Some of our customers use EPS for preserving temperature sensitive items such as frozen foods, and life saving vaccines, because our EPS has a great insulating factor. EPS also protects products like new furniture, computers, televisions, and stereo components on the journey between the factory and your business or home.


We make our own product called E-Z pack which is similar to foam peanuts but much denser, therefore less likely to crush. Our Foam Protectors provide protection against shock, vibration, and abrasion during shipment. EPS is classified as recyclable category 6 and Raybob Packaging, Inc. is a collection site.

Box Liners Foam Protectors Multiple Depth Cavities
Specialty Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Bottle Packs
EPS Mailers Misc/EZ-Pack  

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