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Box Liners

Our box liners fill a wide variety of packaging needs. EPS liners are a great way to ship frozen, perishable, or temperature sensitive items. Our newest liners are our polysleeve liners. They are an inexpensive way to provide temperature protection for your product during shipment. Our interlocking liners fit securely to assure better temperature retention.

Our EPS Liners provide protection against shock, vibration, and abrasion during shipment.

EPS is classified as recyclable category 6 and Raybob Packaging, Inc. is a collection site.

Polysleeve Liner
Maintains R Factor for longer periods of time.
Custom Cut to fit any box.

Interlocking Liner
For sturdier assembly, and helps maintain R Factor.
Custom Cut to fit any box.

Standard 6 Piece
Least expensive and still maintains R Factor.
Custom Cut to fit any box.

Carton Partitions
Commonly used to package candles, bottles, etc.
Custom Cut to fit any box.

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