Raybob Packaging, Inc.


Custom Solutions

The core of our business is the custom solutions we offer our clients. Whatever your packaging needs, whether it be order size, unique foam cuts or quick turnaround, we can accommodate you. Whether you have a small or large order, we can assist you, at highly competitive prices.

Effective Packaging

We design protective packages for just about anything your company needs to ship. We have made protective packaging for such delicate items as Crystal and Ceramic Figurines. We make protective corners, EPS trays to hold electronic instruments, EPS mailers to hold audio cassettes, books, and videocassettes. Raybob has packaged promotional items as well as plain sheets for display packs.

Personalized Service

Raybob Packaging, a family owned and operated business, understands the importance of communication in insuring successful product completion. At Raybob Packaging, Inc., we work hard to exceed your expectations. Our accessibility and healthy business relationships are the key to our clients' reaching their goals.

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